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TypeScript by Default, Flexbox Gap, and more… · React Native

by TM

React Native version 0.71 has been released with several new features and improvements. One of the major highlights of this release is the default support for TypeScript. When creating a new React Native app, it will now come with TypeScript by default, making it easier to write typed code. The release also includes built-in TypeScript declarations from the react-native package, eliminating the need for @types/react-native. The documentation has also been updated to feature TypeScript examples.

Another notable feature introduced in 0.71 is the support for Flexbox gap properties. This allows developers to specify the amount of space between items in a Flexbox layout using pixel values. This simplifies the process of creating responsive layouts with variably sized cards.

The release also includes web-inspired props for accessibility, styles, and events. React Native has introduced ARIA props as aliases to existing accessibility props, as well as equivalent web behavior for certain props. This aligns React Native’s APIs with web standards and improves cross-platform compatibility.

Other improvements in this release include the restoration of React Native’s propTypes, the addition of React DevTools features to inspect and highlight components, updates to the Hermes engine for improved performance, enhancements to the experimental New Architecture experience, bug fixes, and better IDE support.

Overall, React Native version 0.71 brings several new features and improvements to enhance the development experience for software developers.

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