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Toward Better Documentation · React Native

by TM

The article emphasizes the importance of having great documentation for a better developer experience. The ideal documentation should be concise, helpful, accurate, complete, and delightful. The author discusses the improvements they have made to their documentation based on user feedback.

One of the improvements is the inclusion of inline examples in the documentation. These examples allow developers to try out code and see it in action, providing a more visceral learning experience. The author also mentions the use of the react-native-web-player module for creating these examples.

The article highlights the availability of better guides, particularly in areas where there are multiple ways to accomplish tasks in React Native. The author mentions a new guide to Navigation that compares different approaches and provides advice, as well as guides for handling touches and using Flexbox for layout.

The author also mentions a new Getting Started workflow that simplifies the installation and setup process for React Native development. Additionally, they have worked on a guide for integrating React Native into existing apps.

The article concludes by acknowledging the importance of user feedback and providing ways for users to contribute to improving the documentation.

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