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The GAAD Pledge – March Accessibility Issues Update · React Native

by TM

It has been four weeks since the React Native team reached out to the GitHub community for help in improving React Native’s accessibility. The community has been actively involved, closing six issues with four pull requests and having seven other pull requests in the pipeline for review. The React Native and Accessibility teams at Facebook are also evaluating accessibility bugs and issues that were submitted prior to this initiative. They have discovered one new issue and mapped four others to existing issues. The community’s involvement has been crucial in making React Native more accessible for everyone.

If you’re interested in contributing, there are several ways to get involved. New contributors can read the contribution guide and explore the list of good first issues on the React Native GitHub page. Contributors with more expertise can visit the project page for Improved React Native Accessibility to tackle more challenging issues. Technical writers can also contribute by updating React Native’s documentation to reflect the progress being made in accessibility.

To stay updated on the progress, you can follow the GAAD Pledge Open Source Accessibility Community Manager for React Native on Twitter or Facebook. For the full article, please refer to the original source.

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