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State of React Native 2018 · React Native

by TM

React Native continues to be widely used at Facebook for many important projects, including Marketplace which is used by 800 million people each month. Since its creation in 2015, the entire Marketplace has been built with React Native. Additionally, React Native is being used for new features such as Blood Donations, Crisis Response, Privacy Shortcuts, and Wellness Checks. The Oculus Go VR headset also includes a companion mobile app built with React Native.

Facebook utilizes other technologies alongside React Native, such as Litho and ComponentKit, which provide a React-like component API for building native screens. The goal of React Native is not to replace other technologies, but to improve itself and inspire other teams to borrow ideas.

There are plans for a large-scale rearchitecture of React Native to make it more flexible and integrate better with native infrastructure. Changes will include a new threading model, async rendering capabilities, and a simplified bridge for better performance.

Facebook aims to support the React Native community by serving users better, reducing breaking changes, and providing more thorough documentation. They express their commitment to making React Native better every day, with contributions from over 500 contributors in the last year.

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