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The React Native team at Facebook has outlined their guiding principles for prioritizing their work on React Native. Their top priority is to match the expectations people have for each platform, prioritizing native look-and-feel over cross-platform consistency. They focus on using platform primitives to ensure integration with password managers and keyboard controls, and to stay up-to-date with design and behavior changes. Performance is also a major focus, with efforts to improve start times and optimize the threading model.

Facebook uses React Native extensively in their own app, allowing them to identify and solve problems at a large scale. They focus on improving performance across a wide range of devices and have proven that React Native can scale to massive organizations. They prioritize gradual adoption, allowing React Native to be adopted one screen at a time and eventually allowing migration of individual native views to React Native.

Developer velocity is also important, with React Native’s architecture providing near-instant feedback during development. Teams find that adopting React Native improves their development velocity and enables them to try different ideas more easily. React Native also allows teams to leverage a fast-growing ecosystem of open source packages and share business logic across platforms.

Finally, React Native targets a range of platforms, and the team focuses on supporting the unique features of each platform. They believe in exposing each platform’s unique capabilities with the same declarative programming model as React. They strive to enable any platform to support React Native and to build on the innovations of React in the declarative UI movement.

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