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React Native Monthly #3 · React Native

by TM

The React Native monthly meeting took place, although it was a shorter meeting due to teams being busy with shipping. The next month’s meeting will be at the React Native EU conference in Poland. There were 5 teams present at the meeting, each sharing their updates.

Callstack recently open sourced react-native-material-palette, an Android-only tool for extracting colors from images. They are also working on adding support for iOS in the future.

Expo released support for installing npm packages on Snack and also made other improvements such as supporting multiple files and uploading assets. They released SDK20 with various features and enhancements.

Facebook discussed the management of their GitHub issue tracker and their goal of addressing the maintainability of the project. They plan to continue closing stale issues and encourage maintainers to triage issues.

Microsoft shared that the new Skype app is built on React Native to maximize code sharing between platforms. They have sent pull requests to address bugs and missing features and have merged about 70 of them. They also built and open sourced ReactXP, a thin layer on top of React/React Native to power both the Android and iOS Skype apps, as well as the Skype web app.

Shoutem is focused on improving the developer experience when building apps using their platform, including migrating their apps to react-navigation and updating their libraries to React Native 0.47.1.

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