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React Native in H2 2021 · React Native

by TM

React Native has undergone significant changes in the past year, including welcoming new team members and seeing project maturity and new opportunities. In their H2 plans, the team at Facebook aims to nurture the React Native community, roll out the new architecture to open source, and push the technology forward.

One focus area is improving communication with the community by sharing their vision and progress more consistently. They also want to highlight the accomplishments of the community.

In terms of architecture, they have already rolled out the new React Native architecture to all mobile products in the Facebook app. Now they are working on bringing this architecture to the wider community by providing a playbook for migrating libraries and applications. They have already shared drafts with early partners and plan to share it more broadly once it stabilizes.

The team also wants to improve React Native’s release process to ensure more frequent and reliable releases. They aim to catch release-blockers earlier and reduce the turnaround time, resulting in more predictable release timelines.

They are also focused on improving repository health by resolving a backlog of contributions and establishing sustainable practices for handling incoming contributions. This work will help engage the community and ensure a healthy repository.

Additionally, the team is working on new architectural capabilities that will enhance React Native’s performance, including support for Concurrent Rendering. They also have plans to expand React Native to other platforms beyond mobile, such as desktop and virtual reality.

Overall, the team is excited about the upcoming half of the year and looks forward to sharing more updates with the community.

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