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React Native at F8 and Open Source Podcast · React Native

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This week, Eli White gave a talk at F8 2019 about React Native in Facebook’s Android and iOS applications. The talk highlighted the focus on improving quality and performance of React Native’s largest product, Facebook’s Marketplace. The team successfully cut startup time by more than 50% over the last year, with further improvements in the pipeline. They expressed confidence in their ability to build high-quality and performant apps that Facebook requires, which has allowed them to invest in bigger bets such as rethinking the core of React Native.

The talk also mentioned Microsoft’s support and use of React Native for Windows, enabling expertise and codebase utilization for Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform. Additionally, the recent React Radio Podcast discussed the React Native team’s approach to open source and their efforts in building a sustainable community. They are currently working on removing multiple modules as part of the Lean Core effort and plan to overhaul the React Native website and documentation.

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