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React Native 0.71-RC0 Android outage postmortem · React Native

by TM

On November 4th, 2022, React Native released the first release candidate for version 0.71. However, this release caused Android builds for all React Native versions to break. The issue arose because when new projects were scaffolded from the template, build failures occurred for Android users on older versions. This was due to the template’s build.gradle file containing a dependency that would pick the highest available version of React Native, leading to a version mismatch.

This incident highlighted a number of areas for improvement. Firstly, the incident response strategy for open-source issues related to React Native was found to be lacking. The community discovered a workaround, but it took 48 hours for the team to recognize the full scope of the issue and implement a fix. The team will revisit their processes for relying on workarounds versus deploying automatic fixes.

Another area of improvement is the React Native upgrade experience, which has historically been cumbersome. The team aims to improve the upgrade process to mitigate fragmentation within the ecosystem. They will also communicate a release support policy and consider deprecating older versions of React Native on npm.

Additionally, the incident highlighted the need for better release testing and guidance for third-party libraries. The team plans to invest further in testing infrastructure, encourage third-party library testing, and collaborate with maintainers to improve integration with React Native projects.

Overall, the team acknowledges the disruption caused and is taking action to strengthen their foundations and avoid similar outages in the future. They hope that sharing these insights will help others apply better practices in their own projects. They extend thanks to Sonatype, the community, and the release crew for their assistance in resolving the incident.

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