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Pointer Events in React Native · React Native

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React Native has released an experimental cross-platform pointer API that aims to address the differences in input handling across various platforms. Historically, desktop and VR platforms have relied on mouse and keyboard input, while mobile platforms primarily use touch input. However, with the emergence of touch-screen laptops and the need to support interactions via keyboard and pen on mobile, the React Native touch event system has become insufficient.

To resolve this issue, React Native has implemented a cross-platform pointer API based on the Pointer Events specification from the World Wide Web consortium (W3C). This API provides a single set of events and interfaces for cross-device pointer input. By adopting this specification, React Native users can benefit from improved input handling and support for multi-input type interactions.

The implementation of the Pointer Events specification in React Native is still a work in progress, with some events and event properties yet to be implemented. Additionally, future work includes implementing the Pointer Capture API, touch-action style property, and other APIs related to Pointer Events.

To try out the experimental Pointer Events API, users will need to enable the necessary feature flags in their React Native projects. The API is currently only available for React Native 0.71+ and the New Architecture (Fabric). iOS and Android platforms also require specific configuration steps.

Overall, the cross-platform pointer API aims to provide a more unified and consistent input handling experience for React Native developers across different platforms.

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