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Dive into React Native Performance · React Native

by TM

React Native allows developers to build Android and iOS apps using JavaScript, React, and Relay’s declarative programming model. This results in more concise, easily understandable code and enables fast iteration without the need for a compilation cycle. Code can also be easily shared across multiple platforms, allowing for faster shipping and the ability to focus on important details to enhance the overall look and feel of the app. Optimizing performance is a significant aspect of React Native development.

The article discusses how the React Native team managed to make app startup twice as fast. Faster performance leads to quicker content loading, more time for user interaction, and smooth animations that enhance the app experience. In emerging markets, where older phones on slower networks are prevalent, performance optimization can be the difference between a usable app and an unusable one.

Since the release of React Native on both iOS and Android, the team has been continuously improving list view scrolling performance, memory efficiency, UI responsiveness, and app startup time. App startup is especially crucial as it sets the initial impression and tests all parts of the framework.

Read the full article on Facebook Code for more details.

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